November 29, 2015

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Nov 29

Novemver 29 : we are on our way home from playing in Crested Butte, Colorado. We played at the Eldo Brewery which is the first show we’ve gotten booked by a new agent we are working with out of New York.
Let me start by saying what a different world it was then what we are used to playing. The show started at 10:30pm. We were concerned about that but apparently Crested Butte is full of people working for the weekend that love to listen to live music on Saturday night.
The next issue, the booking manager found another band called MEDIC and had been advertising us as “the most controversial Egyptian Progressive Metal” band. Where as that is very compelling, it’s pretty much the farthest thing from us. We spend a good hour laughing about it. One of the bartenders was pretty upset because he really was expecting some Egyptian metal.
By the time we got on stage it was 11:15 and there was about 20 people that I was terrified were expecting…not us. But they were great!

We played every song we have and it was one of the most fun and attentive crowds we’ve played for. There was a woman there that was a few levels past inebriated that the town people affectionately call Toothless Tammy. She was very fond of Drew’s face, Miller’s tone, Dominick’s muscles and my voice. We know because she was very vocal about such things.

All in all, one of the funniest experiences we’ve had. Wasn’t a picture perfect scenario that most bands would dream about when they start out but there’s a lot of gold in those moments if you keep your eyes open. -AW #teamMEDIC #olympiabyMEDIC #MEDIContheRoad #singersongwriter #denverband #cokids

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