December 10, 2015

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December 10 : The Marquis is always such a good time. Great staff, great room and great pizza. We were a bit of a mismatch for the bill considering all the other bands (herestofightin, Brumby, Jared & the Mill) were folk rock but the crowd was still amazing and very kind. People bought merch! We haven’t sold much in the last few shows if anything at all but the new designs from Dylan Roop are too good to pass up.

It was nice to have some family at the show. Some of them haven’t seen us in awhile and we’ve changed a lot of things up since last time and they enjoyed it and had some good feedback. We are in an awkward limbo between albums right now where we are playing new songs but not the arrangements that are developing in the studio and our old songs are so much different than the way they are. Our transitions aren’t as sharp as they should be and the sets for the shows haven’t been prepared in a specific order since we started playing around again. It’s fun. It’s messy in a rock n roll way.

Currently we have a couple record deals, management opportunities, booking agents, etc., that we are sorting through. Perfect timing really. I wholeheartedly believe that business administration is what determines the success a band has–or rather their ability to get to where they set out to go in the first place. I’m the worst administrative person in the world so the last year we’ve kind of felt like we are spinning our wheels. Our vision is to get a solid team around us whether that’s a label or maybe something different. In order to really make a run at this thing we gotta get someone to speak into it beyond what we know–that way I can focus on writing and producing and other creative related things. We’ll see. All in good time.

Can’t wait to show you our new songs. They are different but I think a huge step forward. I hope you are well, enjoying the holiday season and surrounded by lovely people.


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