November 21, 2015

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I took this fairly cliche picture before we departed for Dallas but it does seem to have a very profound significance for me.

It has been 4 years since we’ve released an album. The plan was to release another album 6 to 8 months after the last one. The last 4 years have felt like just waiting at the gate to go the way we planned. In this case though, we don’t actually know what the destination is, we are just trusting that it will be good and we will go there together.

After 4 years, we were about 30% done with an album, flew down to Dallas and are at about 80% now. There is still work to be done but good lord, it feels good to finally make progress. Dom, Miller and Drew have been so patient with the life changes I’ve gone through, most of them good things–but also patient with what appears to me now as a lack of leadership over these years.

Have you ever blamed the environment around you for the lack of movement and then realized that it was you that was holding things up?

We started this band and said that we would be full time in 3 years. We are barely closer than when we started but the amount of clarity we have in our vision and the depth that our relationships have grown to is worth all the time it seems we lost. We have so many stories, so many inside jokes, so many new friends and finally some new songs about it all.

I hope you don’t read this and hear sadness in the tone. I’m excited. Who knows what’s gonna happen? If it’s one thing I’ve learned in all this time, it’s to hold your plans with loose fingers, hold your community close and enjoy the journey.

I’m finally done allowing fear of the unknown or failure hold me back from reaching my potential. I’m ready to pour myself into it. If I fail, I can always go to Starbucks and get some good benefits and remember the time that I actually pursued what was in my heart.

Excited to show you some new songs.


#olympiabymedic (at Dallas Love Field (DAL))

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