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Behind the curtain

This is how we do it.

Every client has unique needs and every project is designed differently to fulfill those needs. That being said, the process of going from project brief to final deliverable is structured the same no matter how simple or how complicated.

This is a basic overview of the process, but it will differ slightly project to project.

1. Strategy & Concept Ideation

2-4 weeks
We always begin with a project brief; understanding the goals and objectives up front is key to success. Depending on the scope of the project, we may recommend a strategy exploration, where we take a deeper dive into your brand, the market and your target audience.

We then develop 3-5 concepts/executions to answer the brief, presenting those concepts to all the key stakeholders. This creative deck will include a summary of the idea, key visuals, and early script notes. Based on client feedback, we then refine the preferred approach and begin crafting the final treatment, this will have a finished script, full moodboard & early storyboards so that the entire team has a shared understanding of the idea.

We deliver the final creative along with a detailed production budget estimate.


Strategy Exploration
Creative Pitching

2. Pre-Production

2-4 weeks
Once the creative is locked and budget approved we begin pre-production. This is the stage is where all of the decisions are made about the details of the project. Depending on the creative, this may include casting, locations, art direction, sets, props, wardrobe, rehearsals, client products, crew coordination and equipment pickups/prep. All of the key elements are presented to the client for approval for sign-off.

Once everything is prepared, we hold a client Pre-Production Meeting, or PPM, where we go over everything that has been discussed and present the approach & schedule for your shoot.


Lock Creative
Budget Approval
Key Element Approvals
Pre-Production Meeting

3. Production

1+ days
This is where the magic happens. Depending on the creative, a shoot may take 1, 2, or 10 days, include between 6 and 200 people, involve one locations or many. It really just depends on what the creative calls for and what the budget is.

We’re often producing still photography and film on the same set and sometimes shooting multiple pieces of content at once. Often the clients are invited to attend the shoot, reviewing clips and providing immediate feedback on talent performance. Pulling the shoot off and keeping it in budget is all about good planning, & skillful producing.


Clients Attend
Preparation is Key

4. Post-Production

2-3 weeks
This phase typically includes an edit with 2-3 rounds of revisions, music search & licensing, sound design and color correction. It may also include motion-design, vfx and compositing—depending on the creative and the nature of the project. When producing multiple pieces of content, postings may be staggered or may be simultaneous depending on the client’s scheduling needs.

Creative Edit
Picture Lock
Music, GFX, Color Grading
Final Delivery

Yeah, we can do that.

We are that sweet spot between traditional advertising agency and full-up production company, providing a one-stop-shop for all your creative & production needs.
Messaging Strategy
Comms Planning
Concept Ideation
Brand Identity
Art Direction
Director Treatments
Production Services
Editorial & Motion Graphics
Color Grading

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