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Behind the curtain

This is how we do it.

Every client has unique needs and every project is designed differently to fulfill those needs. That being said, the process of going from project brief to final deliverable is structured the same no matter how simple or how complicated.

This is a basic overview of the process, but it will differ slightly project to project.

1. Strategy & Concept Ideation

2-4 weeks
It all starts with a project brief. This is where we all get aligned on the goals and objectives in order to have success. A larger strategy exploration may be necessary, depending on the project, to insure that we are getting the right message in front of the right people at the right time.

From there we would come up with 3-5 solutions based off of the strategy and the brief, and present these concepts to the key stakeholders. We would go over idea summaries, key visuals, and even early script notes. Going off of your feedback, we will craft the chosen concept and prepare it for a final treatment. A final treatment is just a fancy word for a finished script, moodboard, and storyboards so that everyone can get a full understanding of the concept.

In addition to delivering the finalized creative, we would include a budget estimate.


Initial Brief
Strategy Exploration
Creative Concept Pitch
Final Treatment
Lock Creative Concept
Budget Approval

2. Pre-Production

2-4 weeks
Great! The creative is locked and the budget is approved! Now, we get into all the details. This could include casting, location, art, props, wardrobe, sets, products, crew coordination, rehearsals, and rounding up the right equipment.

But of course, it all depends on the creative concept that was selected. And yes, you’re right, all these options will be presented to you for approval.

When we get the approvals, we would then hold a PPM...what’s a PPM? A Pre-Production Meeting. This is when we go over everything, including the schedule and approach for the shoot.


Lock Creative
Budget Approval
Key Element Approvals
Pre-Production Meeting

3. Production

1+ days
The big day/days! The culmination of heavy and meticulous planning. This could take one day or two weeks, a small studio or multiple locations, and have a crew of over a hundred people. It’s all a question of budget and creative.

We will be filming, doing photography, and shooting BTS (Behind the Scenes), all in an effort to maximize our content collection.

The answer is yes, most of the time you are totally welcome to come, review clips, and provide feedback.


Clients Attend
Preparation is Key

4. Post-Production

2-4 weeks
Now it’s time to bring the whole vision together in editing! Typically there are 2-3 rounds of revisions.

Once everyone’s happy then we do a Picture Lock, that means that the edits are approved and can go to finishing. Finishing can include music, sound design, color correction, motion design, VFX, SFX, compositing, Voice Over, and good-ole fashioned editing, IF that’s what your creative needs.

Deadlines and final approvals will be coordinated with marketing schedules and media buys. is the time to PARTY!


Creative Edit
Picture Lock
Music, GFX, Color Grading
Final Delivery

Yeah, we can do that.

We are that sweet spot between traditional advertising agency and full-up production company, providing a one-stop-shop for all your creative & production needs.
Messaging Strategy
Comms Planning
Concept Ideation
Brand Identity
Art Direction
Director Treatments
Production Services
Editorial & Motion Graphics
Color Grading

Let’s go get a slushie.